Individual therapy:

    During individual therapy, students will explore a variety of emotional and behavioural paradigms that address
   their personal deficits.  A variety of learning models are utilized, including Social Thinking
   concepts and language developed by Michelle Garcia Winner and her team in San Jose California. 
   New clients may be required to participate in individualized therapy before being placed in an appropriate
   group. Individualized Therapy is offered to all clients ages 2 -18.

Group Therapy:

   Groups are designed to develop social and emotional awareness, leading to aquisition of new positive and
   responsive social behaviour. Learning takes place in a fun and interactive learning environment. Students
   explore concepts with their peers and practice implementing the social techniques and strategies that they are
   learning. Social Thinking concepts and language are an integral aspect of group learning at
   Group Perspectives

   Session summaries and take home activities are also provided to participants to further explore concepts and 
   teach parents and guardians about what has been learned during the sessions.
   Groups are structured based on the age, goals and perspective taking abilities of participants,
   to insure best possible learning opportunities and outcomes.

ADD/HD Focus Groups

    We will be offering in fall 2011, new Social Thinking programs specifically oriented to those with ADD/HD.
    Check back for details......

Early Intervention and Early Play Groups - See Dr. Oppenheimer and the DIR-Floortime information

Teen Social Drop In Group - 2nd & Last Friday Evenings of each month - see teen page for details

   An opportunity for teens to get together in a supported Social Thinking envirnoment where they can
   participate in various games and activities.  Participant driven activities and directly supported by our staff.
   Small fee.                         

Summer Camp programs:

   Summer camp programs for 2011 will be available for the following age groups:
            5 -  6  yrs                          13 - 15 yrs
            7 -  9  yrs                          16 - 18 yrs
          10 - 12 yrs
   Students will be introduced to and/or have the opportunity to increase their social and emotional awareness,            learn new social and behavioural thinking concepts and strategies, thus improving emotional/mental health
   and interpersonal relations. 
   Look for new programs in August specifically focused for those with ADD/HD
   Click on the link above for details.

Informational Seminars and Training Workshops:

   Group Perspectives offers parents and educational staff in our client’s school environment support and
   guidance based on the therapy being received at Group Perspectives. This aids in faster and deeper social
   awarness, development and skill acquisition
   Educational staff who learn how to implement these concepts and techniques gain valuable strategies they
   can use with all their present and future students.

Group Perspectives also provides community education to increase the understanding  and awareness of social cognitive deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders (particularly high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome), ADHD, nonverbal learning disorder and similar challenges.


Parent Comments

"Beyond my expectations!  We received more direct and concrete information than any other program"

"My daughter is more confident discussing the strategies and has learned alot about herself."

"I was happy to see how each child's strengths were recognized and success' were celebrated."

"We welcomed the parent talk time and take home information."

"We are keen for our son to continue with you this fall!"