Helen Lovallo, BA Psychology
Co-owner and director of therapy services, of Group Perspectives, has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology. Helen has extensive ABA behaviour modification experience, supervised by masters and doctorate level behaviour consultants. Helen is currently working towards a Masters degree in Counseling, focusing on social cognitive  behavioral therapy. Helen has been involved in Autism therapy for the past 5 years and has been instrumental in developing and implementing state of the art behavior modification and social cognition (thinking) programs. She is starting Group Perspectives to offer parents and children a focused, disciplined, interactive and nurturing environment in which to develop social cognition and related skills.

Ruth Stamp, CYW with distinction, Social Cognitive Specialist
Co-owner, administrative and therapy director, holds a Diploma of Distinction in Child and Youth Care and has completed the Mentor Training with Michelle Garcia Winner at the Think Social center in San Jose, California.
Ruth’s expertise in working with students with developmental disabilities is derived from her experience and extensive professional development. Ruth has completed a seminar with Ivaar Lovass, POPARD Autism Course, The Explosive Child with Ross Greene, Smart IEP Goals from the Victoria Society for Children with Autism, Social Thinking training with Michelle Garcia-Winner, and specialized seminars related to individuals with ASD, ADD/HD, FAE/FAS and LD, Ruth has gained extensive experience working with children with a variety of developmental learning disabilities during her work for the Victoria School District. In the last 3 years she has developed and implemented small Social Thinking programs with various students at the elementary and secondary school levels. Ruth has also worked for the Surrey School District as a Child and Youth Worker.

Lara Feldman, MA, BSW                                                                  
     Social CognitiveTherapist, has a Masters Degree in Play Therapy and a Post Graduate Bachelors                               Degree in Social Work. Lara’s Masters Degree thesis focused on parents raising a child with   
                             autism and the challenges they face. Lara has many years of experience working with children
                             and youth providing counseling and play therapy. Lara gained experience working with children
                             and youth with a variety of challenges during her work as a school social worker in South Africa,
                             and most recently through her private practice in Victoria. Lara is passionate about working with
                             children, youth and their families.

About Us
The founders of Victoria Group Perspectives Helen Lovallo & Ruth Stamp enjoying their first summer camp 2009