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All the flowers of all the tomorrows
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Exploring the social world and developing social competancy

The primary focus of Group Perspectives...... to provide social cognitive therapy for children and youth 2 to 18 years of age who are challenged with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Asperger Syndrome

  • ADD/HD

  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

  • Others with un-diagnosed social challenges

Group Perspectives' goal is to...

  • Provide long-term, in-depth social cognitive therapy,  including Social Thinking (R)  from the work of Michelle Garcia Winner
         (SLP, CCC, MA)
  • Provide early intervention services using the D.I.R.-Floortime model of therapy 
  • Increase social understanding and improve related social skill aquisition
  • Provide regular parent, professional and para-professional support towards increased generalization
  • Liaise with other professionals to provide a collaborative treatment approach
  • Offer additional support such as  I.E.P. planning/writing/meetings
       to assist in greater skill aquisition and generalization in the
       school setting


We accept provincial Autism funding and private pay
             Two of our Superflex authors get published !
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